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Terri Daniel, MA, CT is an ordained interfaith minister and clinical chaplain certified in death, dying and bereavement by the Association of Death Education and Counseling (ADEC). She assists dying and grieving individuals to discover a more spiritually spacious understanding of death and beyond. Her unique form of "radical mysticism" explores cultural and religious myths about birth, death and the afterlife, and offers a path to alternative perceptions via the use of intuitive tools such as meditation and after-death communication.

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 "Terri Daniel offers new hope for the bereaved." 

 Raymond Moody, MD, PhD,
author and afterlife researcher 

"Terri provides an insightful, well-documented perspective on something few of us have actually fully understood - the strong, positive transformative potential of the pain of bereavement.  

Piero Calvi-Parisetti, MD, medical doctor,
psychotherapist and grief counselor

"Few people have the mystical, spiritual, theological, professional and personal perspective as Terri Daniel to address the  life-changing experience of grief."

Rev. Gene Lovelace, MDiv, Hospice Chaplain

“Teachers like Terri can help our culture rise to a higher level of understanding death and loss; an understanding that should permeate all levels of education, from kindergarten to medical school and beyond." 

Dr. Joseph J. O’Connell III
Director, Department of Emergency Medicine,
Virtua Hospital System, Camden, NJ

"Terri's personal insights present a possibility that death need not be a terror, but a manageable event, and in the best case, a friend, when it relieves one's own suffering or another's. Hers is an experience of truth-telling, and of hope in the valley of the shadow."

Rev. Roy Green, hospice chaplain

"Terri has guided me toward the sacred that abounds in the unspeakably painful journey of grief, and gives me hope that it will be transformative in some as-yet unimaginable way."

Kim Rice, bereaved mom, Seattle WA

"The support of Terri's book, A Swan in Heaven, was key to my survival after the loss of my 16 year- old son. It is ironic that the pain of dying is for the living,
​but for each person who can bear witness that there is no death, the heavy paradigm we've all been subjected to moves up a notch in frequency."

Ken Stoller MD, pediatrician and bereaved father

"Terri is an excellent writer, and her heart shows through in practical and loving ways. I am so grateful she has written the books she has, and feel privileged to have been a speaker at her annual conference."

PMH Atwater, author and near-death researcher

"Terri dares her readers to do what they have avoided. She challenges those who are willing to discuss the “D word" to turn what we believe into what we know. Anyone wondering about what comes next should read this provocative book."

Sandy Goodman, author of
​Love Never Dies: A Mother’s  Journey from Loss to Love 

 More comments from physicians, grief counselors,  hospice chaplains and bereaved individuals

"Terri gives us hope that we can continue in relationship with our loved ones whose physical bodies have died. Human consciousness is evolving toward mind-to-mind communication while we are yet in the physical, and Terri Daniel is one of those leading the way."

Rev. Dick Dinges, Virginia Beach, VA. 

"Terri is a gifted writer and teacher, and brings profound sensitivity to her work in the community
as a spiritual educator."

Lee Green, RN, MAT, Bereavement Specialist,
Covenant Hospice, Daphne, AL


"Terri's book, A Swan in Heaven was extraordinary. I was moved beyond words."

Melissa Gilbert, actress,
former president, Children's Hospice
and Palliative Care Coalition

 "Pain that is not transformed will be transmitted"

Richard  Rohr

We will all face the death of a loved one at some point in our lives, and inevitably, we will face our own deaths as well. Terri Daniel's new book, Turning the Corner on Grief Street begins where her previous books  left off, by assuming  that we are ready to accept these experiences as not only necessary for spiritual growth, but also as sacred journeys that can elevate our perspectives and expand us rather than annihilate us.

Grief Street introduces a brave new world where grief can be viewed as a gift as well as a tragedy. In this world, death is not the enemy, and grief does not have to be paralyzing. Instead, we can welcome the ways in which grief shakes us loose from our spiritual lethargy and creates a wound that is much more than a wound… it is an opening to higher awa
reness that can lead us to greater peace in life and in death.  

​​Turning the Corner on Grief Street 

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