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 "Terri Daniel offers new hope for the bereaved." 

 Raymond Moody, MD, PhD,
author and afterlife researcher 

"Terri provides an insightful, well-documented perspective on something few of us have actually fully understood - the strong, positive transformative potential of the pain of bereavement.  

Piero Calvi-Parisetti, MD, medical doctor,
psychotherapist and grief counselor

"Few people have the mystical, spiritual, theological, professional and personal perspective as Terri Daniel to address the  life-changing experience of grief."

Rev. Gene Lovelace, MDiv, Hospice Chaplain

“Teachers like Terri can help our culture rise to a higher level of understanding death and loss; an understanding that should permeate all levels of education, from kindergarten to medical school and beyond." 

Dr. Joseph J. O’Connell III
Director, Department of Emergency Medicine,
Virtua Hospital System, Camden, NJ

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