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New Book Offers a Radical Approach to Understanding Grief, Trauma and Loss

“Grieving individuals routinely ask me, 'Why would God let this terrible thing happen?'
My answer is always the same… it depends on what you think God is."    

Portland, OR, July 1, 2014 -- These are the words of Rev. Terri Daniel from her new book, Turning the Corner of Grief Street: Loss and Bereavement as a Journey of Awakening. The book introduces a brave new world in which grief can be viewed as a gift as well as a tragedy, and in this world, death is not the enemy, and grief does not have to be paralyzing. Instead, we are invited to  welcome the ways in which grief shakes us loose from our spiritual lethargy and creates a wound that is much more than a wound… it is an opening to higher awareness that can lead to greater peace in life and in death.    

Turning the Corner on Grief Street begins where Terri's previous books left off, by assuming  that we are ready to accept these experiences as not only necessary for spiritual growth, but also as sacred journeys that can elevate our perspectives and expand us rather than annihilate us. 

"Trauma, grief and loss can dismantle one's beliefs about good and evil, security, the nature of God and one's place in the universe," Terri explains. "A shocking loss is particularly difficult to understand when we are conditioned by church and culture to think that wealth vs. poverty, sickness vs. health and life vs. death are arbitrarily apportioned – or worse, that traumatic events are a punishment from a judgmental god. When those belief systems are shaken up, we are presented with superb opportunities to experience the world in a new way. If we're willing to re-evaluate those beliefs, traditions and realities, we can find the key to tremendous personal growth, both psychologically and spiritually."  

Terri teaches that pain forces us to change our positions, and the pain of grief is our greatest teacher.   "If you get a leg cramp from sitting in an awkward posture, the pain will signal you to change your physical position in order to regain your sense of comfort. Emotional pain signals us in the same way, and this is particularly true with the pain of loss, whether it’s a death, a relationship, a job or a house in foreclosure," says Terri. "We can respond to these events with panic and helplessness, or we can find meaning and purpose in the event, allowing it to lead us to a higher understanding of human experience. "  

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Useful quotes from Rev. Terri Daniel

"Nothing can rip us open, hurt us and heal us more than grief. The primary gift of grief is that it changes us permanently and profoundly. Grief cuts to the core of everything that defines us, and exposes places in our self-image, our relationships, our belief systems, our family structures and our social values that have been crying out for illumination. Grief shakes us loose from our spiritual lethargy and creates a wound that is much more than a wound… it is an opening. If we nurture that opening, if we honor it and work with it, stretching and strengthening it a little each day, we discover previously unimagined worlds of wisdom, and can choose enlightenment over annihilation."

"The way we perceive death is a choice. By understanding that death is neither an enemy nor an ending, and that there is no judgment anywhere in the universe, we can release our fear-based notions of punishment rather than correction, judgment rather than support, and an eternity of idleness rather than limitless opportunity for growth."

"In Western culture, our fear of death is so all-encompassing that most of us neither live nor die peacefully because of it. The idea of death as a terrifying experience to be avoided at all costs is instilled in most children by everything from religious doctrine to video games. Even the so-called "positive" images of death -- sitting next to Jesus on a throne or floating on a cloud playing a harp for eternity -- keep us from a meaningful understanding of the sacred transition from physical to non-physical existence. These images do nothing to explain or justify our purpose on earth, and they offer a stagnant, rather pointless afterlife.”

"If you assign human characteristics to the concept of God, and you believe that this God will reward you with a conflict-free life in exchange for your devotion to a particular set of beliefs, then you’re going to question those beliefs whenever conflict arises. This questioning is one of the hidden gifts of grief because it presents an extraordinary opportunity for growth and expansion."

"People are starving for this kind of material. We seek believable, non-judgmental explanations for our experiences on earth, and alternatives to the fear and disempowerment we experienced in our childhood religious teachings. We are all capable of receiving guidance from the higher realms. I just happened to have an experience that opened that conduit for me, so I think of myself as a spiritual teacher who has a little help from the Other Side. It is not a special gift; everybody is able to receive these messages."


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